Hidden Louisiana

Have we seen all of south Louisiana? Does she still hold that majestic beauty that foreigners saw when they visited these lands in the 1600s? Does she still hold that mysterious loom over the Cajuns that made her their home? Hidden Louisiana is my exploration to find answers to these questions. I have used an aerial drone light to paint light and shadows over south Louisiana’s landscapes and captured them with my camera. The images in Hidden Louisiana were taken on dry land, off the side of the road, in muddy and black water swamps. I have revised the Greek translation of the word photography “to draw with light” to “painting with light and shadows” and used this definition to guide me through the creation of these images. I hope you, the viewer, enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed exploring and rediscovering south Louisiana to create them.

Bear Island





The Lighthouse

Blackwater 61

83 Graves

Bear Island Bayou


St. Mary’s Road

The Boat